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Get important details about visitors

There are loads of free widgets available and recommended by happy users worldwide. It is the suitable time to focus on the free IP widgets and how these widgets assist users to display geolocation information of visitors to their websites and blogs. Users of the latest IP widget these days get details including, but not limited to the following.

  • IP
  • Location
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Device

As a beginner to the advanced widgets, you may think about whether these widgets are compatible with the web browsers and mobile or not. You can make contact with the reliable platform Live Traffic Feed and explore everything related to the IP widgets as comprehensive as possible. You will get the absolute assistance and make an informed decision to use the suitable widget. The complete code can be accessible in this reliable platform at no cost. You can simply copy this code and paste it in your website or blog HTML code. Do not forget to paste the code without any alteration. This is because the widget may not work when you alter this code.

Use the IP widget and find the geolocation information of your visitors

Business people and professionals in any industry have their own website with an aim to make their business and services popular on the target market. They enhance their routine efforts to increase the success rate of their business and make every customer more contented than ever. If they have decided to improve their marketing activities in the professional manner, then they can make contact with the specialists in the geolocation based marketing activities right now. They understand ever-increasing requirements to use the first-class widget designed for displaying the visitor geolocation information on their blogs or website. They can prefer and use the ip widget designed by experts in the industry. They get the absolute assistance and fulfil their wishes about the easiest way for enhancing their marketing activities.

Reap benefits from the widgets

Geolocation based marketing activities these days are enhanced in different aspects and recommended for individuals who have decided to discover the power of the augmented reality based on the GPS. Once you have geared up for finding new ways to reach customers, you can pay attention to basics and advanced things associated with the geolocation marketing. This is advisable to focus on the overall description of free widget and make a better-informed decision to use such widget to access various categories of details about visitors to the website.

Regular updates of widgets in all categories these days assist everyone who likes to pick and use one of the best widgets as per their requirements. Advertising based on the augmented reality technology nowadays encourages smart business people worldwide to use the Internet Protocol widget and gather important details without complexity. You can make contact with the specialists in this sector and get an overview about the smart method to successfully develop your business on online devoid of complexity in any aspect. You will save both time and money when you properly enhance your business marketing activities by using the advanced widgets accessible at no cost.

The live maps are offering a great way to view the list of latest visitors of your site. The data present in live maps are including the perfect location of city and country, time, IP address and also geographic coordinates. All the latest visits are gathered into the collections on a map. You can also even alter the map provider by simply clicking on a button at the top right corner of a map. The best thing about live maps visitor are greatly supporting you to discover out how many number of users are visiting into your site, what their depth of visit is, how often they visit a website and also what your returning new visitors ration is. These all informations are existed in a visual way that supports you to well understand your audience.

Simple select your map options and click the "Copy" button.

Free Website Traffic Count

Get free static website counter for your website. This tools counter visitor by day/week/month/year and total visitor. Free widget for your page with detailed statistics. Install simply and quickly a live counter.


Free Traffic Counter for Various Websites

All websites and webpages on the Internet tend to claim the highest possible traffic they can. The SEO- friendly language and usage of keywords are also done in order to get the highest number of clicks so that more people read the content and the traffic increases. More traffic also means more revenue. The websites need to keep track of the number of people who are checking in to get a clear picture of where they stand. For this, they must take the help of websites which can track such information. Traffic Feed is one such traffic counter which is free of cost and very reliable.

The website is user- friendly and useful if one wants to find out the amount of traffic that a website gets. It has a live traffic feed which notifies the user about incoming traffic and even the nationality. The website is able to detect the IP address, OS, country and web browser that the user has at the time. The company can keep track of its customers 24/7. Hundred of the most recent visitors of the web page or website are available by the live feed tracker system.


“Counter – Flag Counter” is open source software By CPC Group Marketing  & Websites-Unlimited. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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